Ol' Tott

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Ol' Tott Name: Ol' Tott

Occupation: Travelling Merchant
Residence: ?

Ol' Tott is a travelling merchant and worker for hire, who offers transportation to the player for a fee. He appears in the Brynn outskirts after the player comes there with Varren and establishes the Caravan for the first time.

Transport service

Ol' Tott will transport the player between certain discovered settlements for a set fee, increasing with distance. Currently, he is always present in all of the settlements he can travel between.

Settlements that Ol' Tott can take the player to and from:

Ol' Tott's fee seems to be roughly based on the direct distance between settlements and rounded to a certain number. Travelling to a settlement thats twice as far will cost twice as much, however, a trip to certain outlying villages might cost more. It's also cheaper to travel directly than to stop between settlements.


  • Ol' Tott is referred to as "Zick" in the game files.