Witch's Hut

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Witch's Hut is a Point of Interest that is always present on the Global Map. The location is randomly selected when creating a New Game.

  • Residence of the blinded and retired friendly Witch. Her name is randomized aswell.
  • There is a well outside of the Hut, which functions identically to the town Wells.
Outside of the Witch's Hut
Inside of the Witch's Hut


Peasants stay away from places rumored to be a home to a witch: very few dare risking the dweller's foul temper by trespassing the unspoken border.


Witch's Hut is always spawned with this fixed loot (you can find it inside the wardrobes.)

In addition, some random loot may spawn aswell:

WARNING! Picking up any loot in the Witch's Hut or attacking the Witch herself will apply 2700 turns of Curse to the Character and also apply a random Curse to every applicable item in the Character's inventory. When applying her Curses, the Witch vanishes laughing.

If an item is already cursed, the Curse will be overwritten by a new one. The items that got cursed will have their rarity randomly change to Uncommon or Rare and their previous enchantments will be overwritten with new ones. Attacking the Witch does not affect the Character's reputation in any location.

Tips & Tricks

A good way to prevent cursing items may be throwing every equipable non-Unique item on the ground and open the wardrobes after.

As some Curses serve as good buffs, one can bring some Disenchantment Scrolls to the Hut, then deliberately apply the Curses and get rid of the undesired ones.