Abandoned Homestead

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Abandoned Homestead on the Global Map
Abandoned Homestead on the paper map

The Abandoned Homestead is a unique POI that is always present on the Global Map. It is located south of Osbrook on the road between Osbrook and Mannshire, farther from the former than the Distant Homestead. The Homestead is old enough to be marked on pre-war paper maps. True, in modern times it is much more dilapidated.


It's hard to say what caused people living here to abandon their home along with everything they owned.

The Abandoned Homestead is a cluster of collapsed houses, completely deserted. Two of them are enterable by the mercenary. There is also a field, but nothing grows on it except Burdocks.


Abandoned Homestead

Sometimes I want to drop everything and find a new place for myself. Now that the war has winded down, there are plenty of opportunities to claim an empty house for myself. Take, for instance, that homestead on the crossroads: sturdy buildings, bountiful soil, what else there is to ask for? It's a damn shame to see such a nice place desolated, left without purpose...


The Shovel came in handy
  • The Abandoned Homestead has no Well or Fireplace.
  • One of the buildings contains a sleeping Bed.
  • You can find a few Ravens in the Homestead.


  • There is a Stash hidden near one of the houses.
  • There are a couple of containers with Loot in the area, but mostly there are only Junk and Ingredients.