Pyromantic Treatise I

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Pyromantic Treatise I
Written by an unknown well-wisher
"Useful Tips For a Novice Pyromancer, Coming From an Experienced One"

Allows you to learn the following Pyromancy abilities:

Fire Barrage
Ring of Fire
Baptism by Fire
Flame Saturation

Reading this book grants some Experience.
A surprisingly easy to understand guide written by an unknown sorcerer. Perfect for those who've just started out their journey to master the art of Pyromancy.

Pyromantic Treatise I


Allows to learn some Pyromantic abilities.


Teaches :

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Book content

Dear friend!

We may not know each other, but considering that you opened this tome, I'll take a wild guess and assume that you're intent on learning the ancient art of pyromancy... The art I've been mastering my entire life.

I'd rather not disclose my name. All you need to know is that I hold a high position among fire mages, and the only thing forcing me to play cloak and dagger is that our Circle is very particular about whom it shares the knowledge with.

Yet despite all the restrictions set upon me, I always yearned to not only bear power over the flame but, akin to the gods of the old, to enlighten the world - so hearken to me, as there is no one else who will share this knowledge with you...

( . . . )

As you may now realize, there is nothing complicated about visualizing the flames and then summoning them into existence with the sheer force of your mind, despite what my arrogant brethren may claim. When the time comes, they'll pay for all the injustices they've subjected me to, for dragging my good name through the mud.

Keep practicing, never stop learning, stay spirited, and remember - fire always attracts fire...

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