Boar Trail

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Boar Trail on the Global Map

Boar Trail is a generic point of interest that usually contains around four? Boars. Like most other wildlife locations, the Loot is usually limited to the skinnable drops of the wildlife there. In this case: Fatty Meat, and a Boar Pelt (if the pelt is relatively undamaged (see Skinning)). For obvious reasons, it is absent from pre-war paper maps.


"It's a private party"
This place is well-known to local hunters - taking a trip there pretty much guarantees scoring some game.

The Boar Trail is a trampled clearing with several puddles to quench the wild pig's thirst. A few edible and inedible mushrooms can also grow here. This is not surprising, considering how much Boars love them.


There is currently only one variation of the Boar Trail in the game.


There are no unique rumors about the location, other than those common to all hunting grounds.

Hunting Grounds

You fancy a good hunt? If so, then I heard of a spot where you can always find some game. I suggest you visit there before one of the lords decides to stake a claim on it again and flood the surrounding woods with foresters.
Some time ago I took part in a hunt, and it started out terribly. It seemed we were to return home empty-handed, but then we struck gold! We found a stretch of woods with so much game that we barely managed to bring it all back... That's why I'm telling you, good fortune is meant to be shared.

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