Boulder Circle

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A mysterious structure formed of huge stones - it was built in such olden days that any knowledge about its creators is hopelessly lost to history.

The Boulder Circle is a unique Points of Interest that appears in the Steppe biome. It is composed of a half-circle of large boulders with strange spiraling engravings, and a stone altar in its center with bones scattered around it.


When first arriving in this location, you will notice that the stone altar can be interacted with, though your character will not know what to do with it. And mysteriously, at nightfall, the boulder right above lights up with one of three possible symbols. (need images)

In order to understand what to do the player needs to read the book found in the Order's Prison, from which you learn of symbols associated with three gemstones : Ruby, Emerald and Sapphire.

After this, you will be able to interact with the altar during the night if you have the corresponding gem in your inventory which will give you 1 Stat Point and a permanent stat bonus.

For Ruby, physical resistance will be increased by 4%. For Emerald, max HP will be increased by 5, and for Sapphire, max energy will be increased by 5.