Ranged Weapons Treatise II

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Ranged Weapons Treatise II
Written by Jovar Arno
"Deserts of Ahjat and Secrets of the Dunes. Travelling and Adventuring Notes, Part One"

Allows you to learn the following Ranged Weapons abilities:

Startling Volley
Spot Weakness

Reading this book grants some Experience.
Jovar Arno is famous for his lifelong travels through Jacinth. So many have read his stories of adventure...

Ranged Weapons Treatise II


Jovar Arno is famous for his lifelong travels through Jacinth. So many have read his stories of adventure...


Allows to learn some bow abilities:

Acquired From

Random loot from:

Book content

...At this very moment we bounce around in our saddles as the horses carry us down the sandy road. Somehow I missed the exact moment when the proper, wide path layered with cobblestones gave way to an uneven trail, trampled through the countryside by the hooves of hundreds of horses and camels - apparently our journey has only just begun.

Sands, sands, sands... We haven't stumbled upon a single living soul in three weeks. Nothing but camels and dunes, silently observing our haggard procession of men and elves. Sometimes I feel like I'm losing my mind. What if our supplies run out before we reach our destination? I try not to think about it.

( . . . )

Damn these nomads! It seems they are determined to not let us leave the desert alive. For four days we have been trying to escape them, but they always catch up with us, loose a few arrows, and then swiftly retreat. We had to leave Jarum and Abad behind at our last camping spot, as they never regained consciousness.

( . . . )

The Host bless the Sand Guard! If it weren't for them, I wouldn't be writing these words... There were only seven of us left when we spotted a cloud of dust on the horizon. At first, we thought it to be nomads, and we prepared to say goodbye to our lives, but to our great luck it was the Sand Guard patrol. They accompanied us for the next week to make sure we reach our destination. It was mostly uneventful - nomads tend to avoid the Sand Guard like the plague. During that week their commander taught me a lot about nomads and how to use their own tactics against them. He also shared a few archery tricks that I will explain in detail below...

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