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Level 1 Beast
Health: 10
Energy: 100

1 Piercing

Head 0
Body 0
Arms 0
Legs 0

Poison 50%

Defensive stats
Block Chance 0%
Bleed Res. 0%
Pain Res. 0%
Block Power 0
Control Res. 0%
Fortitude 0%
Dodge Chance 35%
Move Res. -50%

Offensive stats
Crit Chance 0%
Counter Chance 0%
Stun Chance 0%
Knockb. Chance 0%
Life Leech 0%
Vision 4
Crit Efficiency ×1
Bleed Chance 0%
Daze Chance 0%
Immob. Chance 0%
Energy Leech 0%
Bonus Range 0
Accuracy 95%
Fumble Chance 20%
Stagger Chance 0%
Magic Power 100%
Armor Pen. 0%
Bodypart Dmg 0%

STR: 4
AGL: 10
PRC: 4
VIT: 4
WIL: 4

Faction: herbivore
Size: tiny
XP: 1

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Despite their small size, hedgehogs are brave and inquisitive critters.
Despite their small size hedgehogs are brave and inquisitive critters.


They can only be found in the Pine Forest, Leaf Forest and Field biomes.

This small creature is often hunted by Foxes.

Hedgehogs are not a threat, they do not provide neither valuable trophies nor experience, and catching them is annoying.

So unless you are trying to hunt down every animal in the region or you desperately need food - there's no point in killing them.


Hedgehog will flee when you get too close, so use Dash to catch it.

Or just use a ranged weapon or magic.

You can't get any pelt from its corpse, so you can kill it with any tool.

Possible Loot

After Skinning each Hedgehog leaves 1 Meat Morsels.

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