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Level 14 Beast
Health: 450
Energy: 150

30 Rending

Head 0
Body 0
Arms 0
Legs 0

Physical 5%
Slashing 5%
Piercing 5%
Crushing 5%
Rending 5%
Nature 5%
Fire 5%
Frost 5%
Shock 5%
Poison 5%
Caustic 5%

Defensive stats
Block Chance 0%
Bleed Res. 20%
Pain Res. 25%
Block Power 0
Control Res. 50%
Fortitude 25%
Dodge Chance 10%
Move Res. 65%

Offensive stats
Crit Chance 20%
Counter Chance 0%
Stun Chance 50%
Knockb. Chance 50%
Life Leech 0%
Vision 6
Crit Efficiency ×1.25
Bleed Chance 0%
Daze Chance 100%
Immob. Chance 0%
Energy Leech 0%
Bonus Range 0
Accuracy 90%
Fumble Chance 15%
Stagger Chance 0%
Magic Power 100%
Armor Pen. 40%
Bodypart Dmg 25%

STR: 7
AGL: 7
PRC: 10
VIT: 10
WIL: 3

Faction: herbivore
Size: large
XP: 140

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The moose is the king of the Aldorian forest. Running into one of these mighty animals is a rare occurrence.
The moose is the king of the Aldorian forest. Running into one of these mighty animals is a rare occurrence.


SkillBasic StatsDescription
Ramming Charge (moose)
Ramming Charge (moose)
Attack / Charge
Target Object
Rushes towards the target from up to 6 tiles away, delivering an attack with +10% Damage, +15% Stun Chance, and 20% Knockback chance for each tile traveled.


They can only be found in the Pine and Leaf Forest biomes.

The moose are always alone, but that's enough. More than twice as strong as a Boar, making it the second most dangerous herbivore you will encounter.

If their reach you with "Ramming Charge"- that can be devastating.


The tactic against the Moose is similar to that against the Boars - to hide behind a tree or other obstacle that prevents him from using Ramming Charge.

You can use ranged attacks if the cover allows it.

If you are not interested in its pelt, you can use traps or lure the Moose into a pack of wolves or a group of Brigants.

Possible Loot

After Skinning each Moose leaves 2-3 Fatty Meat.

There is also a chance to get Moose Antlers.

If its skin has not been cut, 1 Moose Pelt can also be obtained.

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