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Level 1 Human
Health: 75
Energy: 60

16 Crushing

Head 0
Body 0
Arms 0
Legs 1


Defensive stats
Block Chance 0%
Bleed Res. 0%
Pain Res. 0%
Block Power 0
Control Res. 0%
Fortitude 0%
Dodge Chance 0%
Move Res. 0%

Offensive stats
Crit Chance 0%
Counter Chance 0%
Stun Chance 0%
Knockb. Chance 0%
Life Leech 0%
Vision 9
Crit Efficiency ×1
Bleed Chance 0%
Daze Chance 0%
Immob. Chance 0%
Energy Leech 0%
Bonus Range 0
Accuracy 70%
Fumble Chance 30%
Stagger Chance 0%
Magic Power 100%
Armor Pen. 10%
Bodypart Dmg 0%

STR: 9
AGL: 9
PRC: 8
VIT: 8
WIL: 8

Faction: Brigand
Size: medium
XP: 15

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A grimy and malnourished commoner, ready to commit any crime for a piece of bread and a couple of gold coins.
A grimy and malnourished commoner ready to commit any crime for a piece of bread and a couple of gold coins.


This enemy has no skills.


Bandits are as desperate as they are weak.

They are usually found in groups of 2, attacking travelers near roads or in the wild.

From 2 to 4 of them can guard the camps on the first levels.

They can accompany other types of Brigands.


Magical, ranged or melee attacks- any way is good to deal with them, since they have neither armor nor any skills.

At the beginning of the adventure, it's best to fight with one at a time.

If you don't wear a helmet when fighting several of these bandits at once, you may end up with a head injury.

Possible Loot


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